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For Men

Med Spa...for men? Absolutely! We have many men of all ages who visit our spa, for a variety of reasons.

There are many things that women have done that men do also—Botox, for example. Elysian Med Spa has a variety of men who visit regularly for these treatments.

Microdermabrasions and chemical peels are done often on men for those that want to lighten and brighten their skin and try to remove the signs of aging. A microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, exfoliating procedure used to remove the stratum corneum (dead outer-most surface of the skin). This procedure can be performed individually or in a series, for revitalizing and maintaining the skin’s appearance and smoothness. It can be used to address problems on the face or body. The procedure is not very painful and requires no anesthetic. One session generally takes 30 minutes or less. There is no special preparation needed prior to the visit, nor any recuperation after. Microdermabrasions, chemical peels, facials and the proper skin care products help in reducing pore size and preventing and getting rid of blackheads.

Laser hair removal for the back is also a popular treatment for men. We have several men who buy packages and are seen over 6-8 months for removal of hair from back. This should be done before summer or they need to stay out of the sun during treatments.

A very important item for men is skin care. We have the Colorescience Powder Sunscreen which is very popular gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, or holidays. It is a brush-on mineral skincare sunscreen that is completely free of the dyes, talcs, fillers, mineral oil, perfumes and other ingredients found in traditional lines. Fisherman and golfers love to just put this in their pockets and go. It’s a phenomenal sun screen that provides instant protection when applied and is completely sweat resistant.

Esthetic Skin Institute has a great men's skin care line which includes Men's Defense Face Wash, Men's Defense Toner, Men's Defense Micro buff (exfoliates skin in a fashion similar to microdermabrasion), Men's Youth Shield (moisturizer that is made specifically for men) and finally, the Men's Defense Face Armor SPF 30 (sunscreen). These products can be purchased bundled into a kit or can be bought separately.

One of our most popular items among men is designed to eliminate age and sun spots on the skin- men have their pride too! To get rid of sun spots and help with rosacea we have the XPL laser photofacial, which often proves very effective. These treatments can be done every two weeks or when the skin just needs a lift!